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Federal Data Breaches and the Risks of Cloud Misconfigurations

Cloud misconfigurations are a costly vulnerability. Data breaches caused by improper or lax settings of cloud services ...
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AWS Cloud Security Fundamentals


Three AWS services are critical for maintaining a strong security and governance posture.  These...

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Cloud Vs. Cloud Scale

What is “Cloud Scale” and why does it matter?

Cloud scale means not treating the cloud as another...

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What is Edge Computing

Takeaways from the FedScoop Cloud Data Security Event

Last week Simple Technology Solutions (STS)...

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Serverless = Simplicity

Below, Simple Technology Solutions (STS) discusses the unique challenges to serverless adoption...

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Not Quite as the Crow Flies: Complications of Cloud Migration

With the opportunities for flexibility and growth, it’s easy to have your head in the cloud(s),...

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