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Tony Lutz STS

My Report on AWS re:Invent 2021 - What It Means for Government IT

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Segmenting Cloud Costs in Multi-Tenant Environments

In the cloud, a multi-tenant environment refers to where there are multiple customers of a...

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Apprentice Spotlight: Alexis Paul

Alexis has always had a passion for Information Technology thanks to her family who inspired her to...

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Apprentice Spotlight: Wes Coffay

One of STS’s top engineers, Wes Coffay shares how his journey to his current role was anything but...

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AWS Cloud Security Fundamentals


Three AWS services are critical for maintaining a strong security and governance posture.  These...

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Cloud Vs. Cloud Scale

What is “Cloud Scale” and why does it matter?

Cloud scale means not treating the cloud as another...

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