Serverless = Simplicity



Below, Simple Technology Solutions (STS) discusses the unique challenges to serverless adoption in enterprise and government.

SECURITY: The same security rules and tools don’t apply – there’s no server to check if “all the os patches are up to date!” There needs to be a conversation between government and industry around control comparability to build confidence that the serverless system is secure.

APPLICATION MIGRATION: Greenfield apps are most appropriate for serverless architecture. Legacy apps require considerable re-design work that limits new feature development and significantly increases cost (savings aren’t realized until the servers in production are switched off!).

AUTOMATED TESTING / DEPLOYMENT: Ensure an agile (#alwaysbeshipping) and rigorous (especially related to testing) change management process. Developers are going to be changing and shipping code much more quickly, so process and automation within the process are key.

Stay tuned! STS will be keeping you up to date on the latest in serverless in 2020!