Why GovCon Needs 8(a)s and HUBZones for Better Performance


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Technology is evolving rapidly and requires creativity and continuous learning for solving problems and introducing innovations. The Cloud and DevSecOps models adopted by government agencies today are rooted in “togetherness,” high-performing teams that improve productivity and outcomes. People from different backgrounds and different areas contribute perspectives that help to solve problems through new, diverse, and comprehensive approaches.

In an article about Innovation Management, Why Diversity is the Mother of Creativity, Jeffrey Baumgartner outlines the mental processes involved in creativity and ingenuity. He demonstrates that diversification enhances the team's creativity. He adds, “in order to have diverse teams in your company, it is essential that your people are diverse in background, education, knowledge, and experience. Ideally, hire people from other countries and cultures as well.”

The HUBZone program is the main conduit through which government diversifies its workforce, bringing in resources from historically underutilized areas and disadvantaged groups. When agencies hit their annual socioeconomic goals, they simultaneously improve performance AND provide onramps for people from different backgrounds and areas to serve the government. Diversity and inclusion are not just politically correct metrics to keep in consideration – there are clear performance benefits to having a diverse workforce.

The federal government workforce recognizes the need for more diversity in its ranks. According to a 2021 survey conducted by the Government Research Council, 72% of respondents said it is "very" or "extremely" important that their agency be diverse and inclusive. However, the survey identified a discrepancy between goals and practices. Only 51% of respondents of color —and 49% of all respondents — think that diversity and inclusion training has brought value to their agency.

Providing Superior Services through Diversity

STS was founded on the belief that technology is a means of social and economic empowerment for marginalized people and communities. We achieve this vision, which we call “Techquity” (Technology + Equity), via the STS Apprenticeship Program and our HUBZone designation. Here’s how we do it:
  • Apprenticeship Program – The STS Apprenticeship Program was the first such program certified by the District of Columbia. We take individuals in HUBZone communities with little or dated IT experience and train them in the cloud, DevSecOps, or low-code application development. Using a combination of online courses, hands-on coaching, and mentorship, we use STS as a platform to help these individuals enter the federal IT market.
  • Corporate Diversity Goals – You must be intentional about diversity! STS’s corporate diversity goals for 2021 are more than 50% minority representation and more than 35% of people who identify as women. We are currently exceeding both goals!

How Can We Help You?

STS is the only company that combines a focus on Techquity with exceptional cloud engineering capabilities across the major cloud providers. We are the only small business that is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with AWS Government competency. We are also the only Google Cloud Partner with certified expertise in GCP Government and AI/ML. In total, we have more than 100 technical cloud certifications at the professional level with specializations in networking, infrastructure, security, solution architecture, DevOps, and AI/ML.

Our unique approach allows us to deliver exceptional technical solutions for government customers while simultaneously incorporating equity and inclusivity to improve performance. As the federal fiscal year-end approaches, have you achieved all your socioeconomic contracting goals? Talk to us about how you can transform both your IT environment and your workforce for superior outcomes.

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