People + Process + Technology = STS Success


People + Process PostSimple Technology Solutions (STS) is a fast-growing IT company specializing in Agile development and helping government agencies make the transformation to the cloud. We understand how People + Process + Technology work together to dramatically transform how government IT organizations deliver quality software & cloud-enabled IT services to their end-users.

We’re successful because we always remember the first part of our success equation – People, and we are intentional in living our core values every day. Those values are:

  • Employee Centric
  • Innovative
  • Value-oriented
  • Continuous Learning
  • Lean/Agile Thinking

These values drive our focus on creating a diverse workforce by focusing on hiring team members from diverse backgrounds and life experiences; STS empowers People who may otherwise be overlooked and undervalued in the IT industry. We refer to this vision of excellence as “Techquity” (Technology + Equity).

STS understands that disparities and gaps in opportunities and earning potential exist for marginalized groups, such as people of color and women, in the IT industry.  By leveraging the power, passion, and talent from this group, we deliver innovative GovCon IT solutions that exceed our customer’s expectations each and every day.   

At STS, Techquity is about empowerment. It is the foundation of our effort in creating career on-ramps for our Cloud Computing, DevOps, Software Development, and Data Science positions that allow those from marginalized groups to enhance and leverage their skills. Moreover, Techquity is not about checking a set-aside box. It’s also not simply expressing support for equality, since not everyone starts out from the same situation. Techquity is an intentionality of purpose around providing resources and opportunities for all People so we can collectively advance in the IT industry and provide services second to none. 

Making Diversity & Inclusivity Happen

Diversity and inclusivity are not synonymous; diversity is who is at ‘the table’ and inclusivity is how one feels while at ‘the table.’ The federal government workforce recognizes the need for diversity in its workforce. According to a recent survey conducted by the Government Research Council, 72% of respondents said that it is very or extremely important that their agency be diverse and inclusive. However, the survey identified a discrepancy between goals and practices. Only 51% of respondents of color —and 49% of all respondents — think that diversity and inclusion training has brought value to their agency.

STS’s approach to hiring is a testament to the company ‘walking the talk’ when it comes to diversity and inclusivity.  STS has a corporate goal for 2021 to place seventeen Apprentices into full-time roles. With this goal in mind, the STS People Team takes an individualized approach to learning and creates individualized learning roadmaps for success for apprentices based on each apprentice’s career goals and alignment with STS corporate needs. The STS Apprenticeship program is the first Apprenticeship program certified by the District of Columbia. It prepares motivated and driven individuals to become world-class Cloud Computing, DevOps, Software Development, and Data Science professionals.

Although STS is a majority-minority IT company, another ‘People-focused’ 2021 corporate goal is to increase those who identify as women to comprise 35% of the STS workforce.  To achieve this goal, STS works with community partners and stakeholders, such as HBCU’s, coding boot-camps, and economic empowerment groups to meet and recruit those who are driven, passionate, and ready to make a difference by supporting STS’ federal government customers.  

Purpose, intentionality, and execution are key when it comes to diversity and inclusivity; STS is an industry leader in this space through everyday practices, partnerships, and solution delivery. 


In Their Own Words 

Durrell Hart worked a number of low paying, dead end jobs before making the switch to federal government contracting. Even after that initial move, he found himself in IT support roles that provided no clear path forward. Today he thrives on a DevOps team as a Cloud Engineer with an AWS Solutions Architect certification. "The apprenticeship program at STS helped me a lot. I had a really big advantage because STS saw my potential, empowered me to solve problems independently and to think like a Developer from concept to solution.”

"STS’s approach is pretty much tailor-made to each individual's experience and comfort level with developing solutions. The program provided me with the project based solution development environment I needed to fully realize the engineering skills I had been building for many years. The STS Apprenticeship was a springboard for me to get going in my career" says Alexis Paul, Cloud Engineer.

Alexis was an executive assistant in support of the CEO of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The job was fulfilling, but Alexis wanted more. She had a passion for IT but lacked the crucial hands-on knowledge needed to excel in the field. Today Alexis holds an AWS Developer Associate Certification and works as a Cloud Engineer at STS providing innovative solutions to one of STS’ federal government customers.

“This mentorship has provided invaluable guidance in my new career. It continues to provide a solid layout of my career path. Because of this program, I was given the resources and tools necessary to grow as an individual. Now I can take those skills and apply them to the real world…STS believes in its apprentices and wants to see them compete and excel in the real world – this was obvious, and I am grateful for the opportunities the program afforded me.”


How Can We Help You?

Only STS combines a focus on Techquity, its People, and advanced partnerships with all the major cloud providers - Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, and more. 

STS team members are passionate believers - and living proof! - that technology can be an equitable, socio economic and community transformation vehicle for groups historically left on the wrong side of the digital divide.

Can you see yourself as part of a diverse, inclusive, and innovative team at STS? If so, let’s talk!